• About Us:

  • Peter Wright, technician

    started fixing and messing with stuff at aged 8, loved it and been doing it since

  • Viktor Protsenko, technician

    Tells everyone it can be done… and then does it. No fuss, just gets done

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  • – Our FEW items, coz we know you are already going to get in touch –

    Tablets, Phones

    We replace most screens and do repairs on many phones, ask us

    We can fix it, unless we can’t get the bits coz they are obsolete…

    Fully service all your needs, all costs given in advance.

    Web Design

    Do you want to get a website up and running? ready within days, all done, no worries. get in touch

    Gaming Machines

    WAY WAY better than consoles, and yes, we build to your spec, 3 year RTB warrranty included


    Software services, including malware removal, remote (where we log in from here and do the job remotely) installations of drivers, printers, packages


    We have family, we will be taking time off at Christmas, we hope you enjoy your festivities, if something breaks… text for advice 07798 631 261